The Event Series

The time is now.. are you ready?

How it Works..

We host small intimate events, focussed more around producing an epic Live stream experience for you the Audience. Our events will feature the very best Electronic music artists that South Africa has to offer whilst broadcasting from some of the most picturesque locations.

Our attendees, are all carefully hand-picked based on the strength of their social accounts to help us bring this Stream to a Newsfeed near you.

If you’d like to register to attend one of these events, please fill in the form on our contact page so that we can send you a personal registration link and we will gauge your social muscles

About the Team

The “Click” series is the collaborated efforts between a select few who understand the potential of live streaming and what such a medium could play on South Africa’s nightlife and music industry.

In an age of influence, smoke and mirrors; nothing tells a story as purely as the live stream element. The only smoke and mirrors you’ll see at our streams will be that coming off our turning heads.

We believe that South Africa has the talent to shine on the international stage and that is why we have combined each of our individual crafts and services to create these brief moments of opportunity for the rest of the world to see what our music culture is up to.

Our partners are all specialists in their respective fields and boast a world of experience on both the local and international stage – an amalgamation of 20 years working in the camera department in the film industry, 20 years in the music and nightlife industry along with an award winning specialist in Digital and a transmedia Live streaming engagement specialist. We are also sporting some of the best sound the world has to offer with Funktion Koncepts bringing their Funktion One toys.

Let’s not forgot our partners in America, Switchboard Live, who opened up the flood gates in terms of what is actually possible in the streaming world today.

But at the end of the day, all of this rests with you – the audience. So show some love –  like, subscribe and share the shit out of what’s coming!

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